About Us

Azriel A.I. Commercial Trading LTD was founded by Mr. Azriel Gandelsman, and has been a specialist in the importation and installation of safety nets since 2001. It is the sole representative in Israel of the Brazilian company "Equipesca" which has specialized in manufacturing one of the world’s most advanced safety nets for over 50 years. In addition it is the sole representative of the Spanish company "Loen De Oro" which has specialized in manufacturing safety nets for over 35 years,

The vast experience we have accumulated over the years, in Israel and abroad, allows us to offer you the world's most advanced safety measures. Customized for you to be able to maintain a safe work environment, both for the construction workers and any surrounding pedestrians, on a regular basis. Furthermore, the company is a sole proprietor of the leading brands SafetyNet - operating in the safety field, and SportNet - specializing in the field of sports.

Among Our Services:

  • Installation of safety nets, in order to contain and prevent objects and people falling from heights on construction sites, as well as public and private structures.
  • Installation of safety nets on windows, balconies, stairwells, swimming pools and more, in order to prevent accidents and injuries to children as a result of falling.
  • Installation of safety nets in order to prevent the disintegration of building exteriors, and of tiles falling onto any surrounding pedestrians.
  • Fencing of public and private sport fields using sport nets, which prevents balls from flying out of the field, hurting people and damaging cars; and to stop children running after stray balls. 

Thanks too many years of accumulated knowledge and experience, our company offers the most advanced and customized solutions, which meet the highest standards. With nationwide ordering and customer service available, extending from north to south, we provide installation services of safety nets and sport nets to a wide range of customers. Our installation team is comprised of trained and experienced personnel, who are certified height workers and safety net installers, directly supervised by a professional slider senior manager - as required by law. 

High quality, compliance with standards and regulations, uncompromising guarantee and service:

All of our safety measures meet the required standards; the nets are meticulously manufactured and installed with the highest regard for quality, attentive service and deadlines. Our confidence in the quality of the products and the work of our professional installation teams allows us to provide our customers an extended warranty of up to 5 years on both the product and installation.

Among our customers you can find hundreds of commercial, private, governmental and public institutions such as the IDF, Ministry of Defence, Israel Airports Authority, Israel Electric Corporation, Bezeq, Israel Railways, hospitals, local authorities, institutions of higher education, homeowner associations and many more.

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